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Priestly Spirituality Video Series

Priestly Spirituality Video Series

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This series intends to enhance the priest’s quality of participation in the Holy Eucharist, Confession, and Priesthood.  Designed for small groups, the program aims to foster fraternity and unity among priests. 

Series Objectives:

  • Complement and enhance the Breviary in an incisive and practical way
  • Deepen relationship with the Lord through contemplation
  • Deepen virtues (advanced stage of moral conversion)
  • Enhance awareness of spirituality in priestly leadership
  • Enhance priestly fraternity and unity

PART 1 - Basics on Prayer, Spiritual Direction, Self-Assessment, and Deepened Conversion
PART 2 - Priesthood and the Sacramental Life
PART 3 - Rejuvenating Priestly Identity: The Priest as Spiritual Leader
PART 4 - Deepening Relationship with the Lord through Contemplative Prayer
PART 5 - Deepening Moral Conversion Through Spiritual Discernment and the Examen Prayer
PART 6 - Unity and Fraternity in the Presbyterate

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