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  • The Soul's Upward Yearning

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    This book shines a bright light into the darkness by presenting traditional and contemporary evidence for God and a transphysical soul. It shows that we are transcendent beings with souls capable of surviving bodily death; that we are self- reflective beings able to strive for perfect truth, love, goodness and beauty; that we have the dignity of being created in the very image of God.

  • The Spirit of Leadership

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    “…The purpose of the book is to show the reader how to create esprit de corps within the heart of an organization…“Spitzer defines esprit de corps in terms of the capacity to go beyond the self, or beyond known paradigms, or to become more alive. He believes this is fostered by three elements: vision, rational communication and four sets of commitments discussed in the book.

  • Why the Catholic Church

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    Take an individual course on a wide range of topics—a great option for content-specific educators that only need apologetical instruction on a certain subject, such as science, history, philosophy, or the soul.