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  • Science, Reason, and Faith: Discovering the Bible

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    In Science, Reason, and Faith, Fr. Robert Spitzer, SJ, draws the modern reader's attention to the many seeming conflicts between science, reason, and Catholic teaching. By tackling these difficult questions, he shows that it is precisely through the integration of science, reason, and faith that we can truly discover ourselves, our world, and our God.

  • Science at the Doorstep to God

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    This is the most comprehensive scientific treatment of God and the afterlife to date. It combines natural scientific method, metaphysical method, medical studies, anthropological and genetics studies, and phenomenologicaldescriptions, showing how each distinct method and data set reinforces the others.

  • The Moral Wisdom of the Catholic Church

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    Jesus said, "The truth will set you free." Father Spitzer lays bare the theological and philosophical roots of Catholic morality, and also uses secular statistical studies to demonstrate that these teachings, even from a scientific standpoint, help human beings to flourish.

  • Escape from Evil's Darkness

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    In this second volume of the Called Out of Darkness trilogy, Father Robert Spitzer, S.J., draws together some of the best advice given by Catholic spiritual masters across the ages and brings it into harmony with modern scientific research, offering practical ways to live out the gospel in our busy days. It is a roadmap to a deeper relationship with the Lord and to authentic transformation through the imitation of Christ.

  • Christ Versus Satan In Our Daily Lives

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    Father Spitzer provides the biblical and theological background of Jesus’ victory over Satan. The author also explores the reality of the Devil, including extraordinary manifestations of diabolic activity such as possession. He recalls the true story of the famous possession case on which the novel and film The Exorcist were based.

  • Called Out of Darkness: Contending with Evil through the Church, Virtue, and Prayer - Trilogy

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    In the Called Out of Darkness trilogy, Fr. Spitzer confronts the reality of spiritual evil. Escape from Evil’s Darkness dives into Jesus’ victory over Satan and explores possession. Christ versus Satan merges Catholic wisdom with scientific research and offers practical ways to live the gospel, while Moral Wisdom of the Catholic Church uses secular studies to show that Catholic morality leads to human flourishing.

  • Finding True Happiness

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     One of the hottest topics in contemporary culture is happiness. The explanation for this current fixation seems to lie in the contrary phenomenon – unhappiness. Despite the fact that we have tremendous access to every imaginable form of entertainment, we experience a pervading sense of insecurity, emptiness, and malaise amid sporadic peak experiences.

  • The Soul's Upward Yearning

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    This book shines a bright light into the darkness by presenting traditional and contemporary evidence for God and a transphysical soul. It shows that we are transcendent beings with souls capable of surviving bodily death; that we are self- reflective beings able to strive for perfect truth, love, goodness and beauty; that we have the dignity of being created in the very image of God.

  • God So Loved the World

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    Even if we accept that God is real, why believe that he has personally revealed himself to mankind? In God So Loved the World, Fr. Robert Spitzer, S.J., probes this major question. Father Spitzer shows how it is reasonable to believe that the Creator has revealed himself because he is completely intelligent and completely positive. As such, he is in possession of a completely positive virtue—namely, love.

  • The Light Shines on in the Darkness

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    The Purpose of this Book—Seeing Light in the Darkness. “Suffering can be a remarkably positive inspiration and power—when we view it within the context of love and eternal life. I did not appreciate this in my earlier years, but have come to realize that it is the highpoint of wisdom – if we have faith in a loving God.”

  • Happiness, Suffering, & Transcendence – Quartet

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  • New Proofs for the Existence of God

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    Robert J. Spitzer’s award winning book New Proofs for the Existence of God examines the considerable evidence for God and creation that has come to light from physics and philosophy during the last forty years.

  • Ten Universal Principles

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    In Ten Universal Principles: A Brief Philosophy of the Life Issues, Jesuit Father Robert Spitzer sets out, in a brief yet highly readable and lucid style, ten basic principles that must govern the reasonable person’s thinking and acting about life issues.

  • The Spirit of Leadership

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    “…The purpose of the book is to show the reader how to create esprit de corps within the heart of an organization…“Spitzer defines esprit de corps in terms of the capacity to go beyond the self, or beyond known paradigms, or to become more alive. He believes this is fostered by three elements: vision, rational communication and four sets of commitments discussed in the book.

  • Five Pillars of the Spiritual Life

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    It is indispensable for each of us to acknowledge (at least intellectually) the fundamental basis for Christian contemplation namely, the unconditional Love of God. There can be nothing more important than contemplating, affirming, appropriating, and living in this Unconditional Love.

  • Healing the Culture

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    This groundbreaking work addresses the connection between the culture’s view of everything from happiness and success, to self-worth, love, suffering, ethics, freedom and personhood, and shows how our notion of personhood holds the key not only to the concept of ourselves but also to the future of rights and the common good.

  • Bible Studies

    This apologetics style bible study was written by Fr. James P. O’Bryan, S.T. Meant to be done as a 7-year study, it is easy to pick and choose the books you want for individual or group studies.