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Virtue and Freedom DVD Set

Virtue and Freedom DVD Set

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Two Disc DVD Set

Virtue and Freedom 
is a ground breaking, seven-part series that presents the central guiding principles on how to live your life well — as an individual seeking happiness, as a contributing member of society, and as a child of God with an eternal destiny.

Featuring interviews with series writer, Fr. Robert J. Spitzer S.J., and the multi-disciplinary team of experts he has assembled, Virtue and Freedom draws on wisdom both ancient and modern to place the ordinary choices of daily life in their full cosmic context. We learn how to develop the habits of virtue that empower us to advance on the path to happiness and how to contend with evil influences (internal and external) that tempt us away from the path. Some of the other experts in the series include Joseph Pearce, Fr. Gary Thomas, Dr. Kevin Vost, Dr. Mary Healy, Crystalina Evert, O. Carter Snead and Dr. Aaron Kheriaty.

With series host Rachel Beauregard providing ongoing commentary between the interviews, Virtue and Freedom lays out transformative philosophical and spiritual insights to a happy and purposeful life — and it includes practical guidance on how to apply these insights through simple steps, a few minutes every day. 

Episode 1. The Cosmic Struggle and the Reality of Evil
Episode 2. The Seven Deadly Sins in Literature
Episode 3. Contending with Evil through the Spiritual Life
Episode 4. Prayer and Discernment
Episode 5. Contending with Evil through Virtue
Episode 6. Growing in Happiness
Episode 7. Social Ethics and Five Universal Principles

*A Companion Workbook is available as a Free PDF here.

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