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  • Science at the Doorstep to God

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    This is the most comprehensive scientific treatment of God and the afterlife to date. It combines natural scientific method, metaphysical method, medical studies, anthropological and genetics studies, and phenomenologicaldescriptions, showing how each distinct method and data set reinforces the others.

  • Science, Reason, and Faith: Discovering the Bible

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    In Science, Reason, and Faith, Fr. Robert Spitzer, SJ, draws the modern reader's attention to the many seeming conflicts between science, reason, and Catholic teaching. By tackling these difficult questions, he shows that it is precisely through the integration of science, reason, and faith that we can truly discover ourselves, our world, and our God.

  • The Light Shines on in the Darkness

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    The Purpose of this Book—Seeing Light in the Darkness. “Suffering can be a remarkably positive inspiration and power—when we view it within the context of love and eternal life. I did not appreciate this in my earlier years, but have come to realize that it is the highpoint of wisdom – if we have faith in a loving God.”