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Essential Modules Student Course

Essential Modules Student Course

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The Essential Modules Student course is a free online course that guides students through Magis Center’s Essential Modules. Though designed for students (grades 6-12), the course also serves as a solid introduction to faith, science, and reason for teachers, parents, clergy and other adult learners.

This course ensures Safe Environment Practices.

Teachers, Catechists, and Parents are asked to allow students entrance into the course by providing an email address.
The course includes videos, journal reflection questions, and assessments!
The course covers the following topics and is free of charge!

1 - Evidence of a Soul from Medical Studies
2 - Evidence of God's Existence from Science
3 - Proof of God's Existence from Philosophy
4 - Proof of Jesus' Resurrection and Divinity
5 - Why be Catholic?
6 - True Happiness
7 - Why would an all-loving God allow Suffering?

Utilize the Essential Modules Student Course at home, in your classrooms, or for hybrid learning.
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